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Support Us
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Support Us

As a registered charity, Service Six rely on the help and generous donations of our many supporters to allow us to carry out our life-changing and often life-saving work.

It is the generosity and support from individuals, trusts, local authorities and other organisations that enable us to offer critical support services to thousands of vulnerable children and young people each year. We are so grateful for the significant contributions our supporters make to Service Six. 

Why we need your help

Each year, one in four young people experience a mental health issue, and 75% of mental health disorders emerge before a person turns 25. Sadly, self-harm and suicidal thoughts are still the leading cause of young people needing our help. These are alarming statistics and the mental health crisis across the country is worsening. Support from individuals, groups, and organisations help us pilot new and innovative programs to grow our reach and improve the mental health outcomes of children and young people.

We need your help to positively impact the lives of young people.

Fundraising Impact

Funds donated to Service Six contribute to priority projects which play a critical role in growing our reach and impact. These include helping Service Six pilot and scale programs, increase our service delivery, provide enhanced support for family and friends of young people, and ensure that young people can access the right support, when they need it and how they want it.

How you can help

There are so many ways you can support Service Six to make a difference, and some won’t even cost you a penny;

  • You could make a regular donation to Service Six
  • You could make a one off donation to Service Six
  • You could volunteer your time to support Service Six
  • You could recycle your used ink cartridges
  • You could choose Service Six as your company's Charity of the Year
  • You could online shop using the easyfundraising portal and donate as you buy

We would love to hear your ideas how you could get involved in supporting our work.

In return for your support not only will you feel brilliant in the knowledge that you are supporting some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in our local community, if you are business we can offer some great PR in return for your support as well as offering volunteering opportunities for your staff and helping your business meet its social responsibility targets.

Thank you for your amazing contribution to the important work we do and your commitment to the mental health and wellbeing of young people across the region.

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Whatever you can afford to donate will make a real difference.

£5 could fund an arts and craft session for three children/young people.

£900 could pay for an individual therapeutic programme for sexually abused children.