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Changing Lives | Creating Futures
Youth Starz
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Youth Starz

Youth Starz is a great way to engage in fun activities and gain support from our friendly, creative and approachable youth team. If you join the Youth Starz program you will have access to some amazing free activities and services in the Milton Keynes area.

The Youth Starz Project delivered by Service Six helps to increase levels of happiness and well-being in children and young people aged 5-18 living in Milton Keynes.

The Key aims of the Project are:
• To increase confidence
• To provide Protective Behaviours
• To improve levels of Wellbeing
• To increase resilience
• To increase transferrable Life Skills

The project is funded by the Reaching Communities Fund at the Big Lottery.

The project activities include:
• Bespoke 1:1 support and mentoring packages
• Peer Support Groups
• Building Resilience Awareness Talks
• Workshops
• Group Work Programmes
• The development of Wellbeing Champions

The project can be accessed by completing the referral form online, or by contacting the Service Six Hub on 01933 277520 or by email

For further information regarding the Youth Starz project, please contact our Milton Keynes Service Manager Katie Byrne on 07850 916600 or email


19 JAN Community Fund (BLF)

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Watch this space!

There are always new and exciting projects being delivered by our Youth Starz team.