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Changing Lives | Creating Futures
Our Vision, Mission and Values
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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision
Is that through excellent responsive services the vulnerable members of our community will be healthier, happier, safer and more resilient in meeting their many future challenges.

Our Mission
We respond to the identified needs of children, young people, adults and families achieved through a range of professional interventions and partnerships, funded by diverse commissions, grants and donations. You can download our full Mission Statement by clicking here.

Our Values
Equality – We are committed to enabling equity of access and equality of opportunity within an inclusive environment, showing respect for all as individuals.
Ethical – We will build upon our status as a trusted, transparent servcie provider and contractor.
Accountable – We will be fully accountable for all aspects of our servce, acting with integrity and providing information to clients and contractors.
Quality – We will deliver a quality service with the highest standards for our clients and investors (contractors).
Passion – Our people are passionate and committed within their work, operating in a caring environment towards each other and clients.
Respectful – We believe in supporting all clients in a respectful way with thinking that empowers them to help themselves and enables them to do so.

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Our vision and mission are clear and underpinned by strong values that are reflected in everything we do.