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Therapy and Counselling
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Therapy and Counselling

Play Therapy 4-10-year olds in East Northants
Due to high demand, new referrals for the above service have now been closed. We hope to be able to accept new referrals in January 2022.

Service Six’ therapeutic services are accredited by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). We offer a wide range of therapeutic interventions for children aged 5 years and over, young people and adults; including Play Therapy, Therapeutic Play, Youth Counselling, Adult Counselling, Family Therapy, Trauma Therapy and Online Counselling.

Youth Counselling

Many of Service Six's beneficiaries are disadvantaged children and young people, most experiencing multiple deprivation aspects including poverty, discrimination, loss, abuse, neglect, poor and toxic trio parenting (parental mental illness, domestic abuse and substance misuse). Such disadvantage has a profound and lasting impact on our service users damaging their health, mental health, development and ultimately affecting their life choices, risk taking behaviours and potential personal, social and economic achievements now and into the future.

NHS Northamptonshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Public Health Northamptonshire funding for Youth Counselling continues to allow Service Six to provide vital professional therapy services for young people between the ages 11-18 years (up to 25 for Disabled young people), living in Wellingborough and East Northants.

We able to provide this Youth Counselling for organisations across other areas on a commissioned basis - please visit our commissioned service page for more details.

Most clients benefiting from therapeutic services we offer are seen for an average of seven sessions (including clinical assessment) and are set a clearly agreed focus and realistic goals designed to help them meet their desired outcomes. 

Emotional Wellbeing support in East Northamptonshire

Our East Northamptonshire Council Community Support Grant enable Service Six to extend a range of specialist and evidence-based counselling and support services to children, young people and adults living in East Northamptonshire, especially to those who are experiencing issues and difficulties such as; emotional, wellbeing and mental health issues; unhealthy relationships, interpersonal violence and family breakdown; equalities and human rights. 

At Service Six we are experts in providing therapeutic interventions for children and young people who have been traumatised through their experience of sexual abuse. Click here to find out more about Trauma Therapy.

In partnership with Northamptonshire Health Foundation Trust (NHFT) and Serenity Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), we work with children and young people across the county within the NHFT Post Sexual Abuse Pathway Contract (PSAP). In April 2018 we expanded this service into Leicestershire and now receive referrals from the East Midlands Sexual Assault Centre. In May 2020 we were Nottingham University Hospital Trust awarded Service Six the Lincolnshire contract to provide age appropriate locally delivered counselling or therapeutic interventions to children and young people who have been referred to the East Midlands Children and Young People Sexual Assault Service (EMCYPSAS) for alleged sexual abuse or assault.

The service is targeted at children, young people and families who have experienced sexual abuse. Many clients have on-going court cases which require our counsellors to be especially careful in following strict protocol prior to any judgment. This is called Pre-Trial Therapy.

Whilst Play Therapy has provided very successful interventions for children who do not have the vocabulary to voice what has happened to them, older clients can use talking therapy and creative materials to express themselves. In practice many older clients also use art work or other materials to process inner dilemmas.

Given the seriousness of the presenting issues most clients are seen for medium to long term support. 

Clients report that the therapy they received was invaluable in helping them to come to terms with the abuse and in finding new coping strategies. 

Therapeutic Support for Sexually Abused Children

Service Six also provides a Child Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ChISVA) for the Northamptonshire SARC in partnership with Serenity and The Voice Northants, who is trained to look after the needs of the child, helping them to understand how the criminal justice process works and to provide information to enable them to make the right decision.

Service Six are part of the REACH Collaboration, a partnership between five Youth Counselling organisations in Northamptonshire, working together to provide a consistent and easy accessible service across the county. The REACH Collaboration includes CHAT Youth Counselling, Service Six, The lowdown, Time 2 Talk and Youthworks Northamptonshire.

If you’d like to find out more about our therapeutic services please contact or complete our online referrals form.

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We are here to help.

Each year Service Six deliver thousands of free to acccess therapy and counselling sessions to support hundreds of vulnerable clients.