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The Opal Project is a three year Children In Need funded project, supporting young people aged 10-18 who are using self-harming behaviours as an unhealthy and unsafe coping mechanism to release their accumulated negative emotions and feelings.

Young People tell us self-harm actions aid management of anxiety and low self-confidence as a result of their diverse experiences of abuse, trauma, inequality and loss.

All project activities will actively target the most disadvantaged young people and primarily those in Northamptonshire's highest multiple deprivation areas: Northampton, Wellingborough, and Corby.

The Opal Project is free so young people in poverty or hardships are not excluded. The activities are inclusive and accessible to all disadvantaged self-harming young people in the geographical target areas and main ages regardless of gender, race, disability and other identified inequalities.


The new service complements the existing Opal website and associated free web based information, resources and downloads that are available to all globally.


The Opal Project activities


The Opal Project addresses young people’s disadvantage by providing access, opportunity and activity often missing as a result of poverty; raise their self-confidence, voices and inclusivity which can be lost as a result of discrimination; reduce their anxiety, isolation and loneliness often experienced as a result of loss; and reach improved emotional and physical wellbeing which is so damaged as a result of abuse, neglect and poor parenting. This will be achieved through:


Providing 4-6 weeks Wellbeing group work programme

Providing bespoke 1-2-1 support and mentoring interventions  - pre, during and beyond group work

Providing bespoke 1-2-1 support and mentoring intervention for young people who are unable to receive support within a group

Supporting young people to actively participate in the project including co-production, evaluation, peer-led activities and accredited youth volunteering


Main Outcomes

The Opal Projects aims to target healthy expression of difficult feelings and emotions associated with disadvantages such as poverty, discrimination, loss, abuse, neglect, poor and toxic parenting.


We support young people to reduce their self-harming behaviours through identifying alternative healthier ways of coping and of channelling frustrations and other strong emotions to achieve being emotionally and physically well.


We support young people to reduce their anxiety through understanding what the difficulties are, exploring strategies how to treat and deal with those difficulties to achieve emotionally and physical wellbeing and to develop a strong self-belief.


We support young people to increase their self-confidence by helping them to become competent in having control over their situation, making smart decisions and taking responsibility for their choices to achieve being emotionally well and having essential skills to live happier and healthier lives.


How to Refer

The Opal Project can be accessed in several ways:


Professionals & self referrals

Contact us directly

(someone can contact us on your behalf such as a parent or carer or any other person known to you)


For referral and appointment enquiries please contact:





01933 277520 / 272746



07780 998905


For further information please contact:

Emma Campion, Operations Manager



01933 277520




History of The Opal Project


The Opal Project was established in 2004 by a small independent group of school based youth peers who were self-harming and wanted to support each other to stop. Between 2010 and 2014 Service Six received a small amount of local authority funding to support the group with some localized 1-2-1 and group work in South Northamptonshire. At that stage and given the importance of Opal, the charity made the decision to independently sustain the project at low-cost and launched the Opal website to enable access, further develop the Queens Award and Phillip Lawrence Award winning 'Spectrum' journal as a free downloadable self-help resource for self-harmers to reduce and or stop their self-harming behaviours and provide a free downloadable Information Pack to support and guide family and friends of self-harmers. The website and resources have been accessed and downloaded by thousands across the world and our recent consultation data backs project need as young people’s self-harming behaviours are rapidly increasing locally due to increasing low confidence and anxiety amongst other difficult and unsupported feelings, most start by cutting/scratching at 13 years old, harm daily, with a third needing to attend A&E, the majority wanting to stop and needing help to succeed.






T:  01933 277520 / 01933 273746


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