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It’s always great to receive some positive feedback from the clients and organisations we help. Here’s a small selection of just some of the feedback that we’ve recently received from individuals and organisations.

Service Six Beneficiary, female, 17 years old "Going into lockdown was so difficult for everyone around the world, and I was also dealing with a recent bereavement of someone very important in my life. This was heart-breaking, and the whole situation took a huge toll on my mental health, I especially struggled with low mood and anxiety. But this time in lockdown also helped me come to the very important point of accepting that I needed help, and asking for it. That was one of the most difficult steps, but once I did the referral form and was paired with a therapist that was both understanding and helpful. It changed my life in some ways. Getting help and learning coping strategies that worked for me allowed me to live my life. Some of these coping strategies include ways to remember my loved one, and things to say to myself in moments where I feel overwhelmed. Before I was seen by Service Six, I struggled even to get out of bed some days. But by the end of my sessions, I can now cope much better – and although there are still hard days; I can get through them and know that they will pass. I really think that anyone struggling should know that it does get better, and making the first referral, although it may seem hard, will really help you so much".

Emma Toye, Education Welfare Officer, Corby Technical School "We had a safeguarding Inspection today and they were really interested in your video that you did or us. Thank you. It has pride of place on the website. They asked for a copy, we shared your contact. Thank you for your continued support."

Elizabeth James, Vice Principal, Corby Technical School "I want to thank you and your team so much for recording that little video for Corby Technical School. We had a ‘Safeguarding’ inspection for COVID 19 from the county and they were very interested in the video that we had available to all of our students. In fact, they wanted a copy of it. I hope you don’t mind, but I sent it to them. They were very impressed that Service Six and the Target Team were still in touch and continuing to support our students during these difficult times.

A big thank you from CTS. This will be mentioned at the principal’s meetings that occur weekly so all the schools in the Brooke Weston Trust will be aware of this. Please thank Sophie for making the video".

Young Person (15) "I feel much stronger now and because of this I have been able to open up to my mum and my form tutor about what I have been going through. I feel stronger to be able to cope on my own now and that is something I used to get teary and panic about in each session. I have listened to what my Service Six Support Worker said and given myself relaxation time each night and that has made my happiness increase each day. Thank you".

Shaun Sannerude, Community Development Officer, East Northamptonshire Council "I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the organising and delivery of the TARGET conference activities today. Please pass my thanks on to the team, they were fab! It was a huge success and I’ve flicked through the feedback and it is all incredibly positive! Many thanks".

Mike, Service Six Counsellor "A big thank you to the office team for providing me with all my lovely clients, for putting up with my cheek and for doing an excellent job under loads of pressure. Thank you to everyone for being supportive and such a wonderful family".

Michelle Walters, Social Work Lecturer, Placement Lead "A big thank you to Tony and Sophie for your input. It was well received by the audience and gave a good sense of the range of work of Service Six".

Lesley, The Hazeley Academy, Milton Keynes "Just to say a really big thank you for the training session yesterday. Feedback from staff, including the Head was outstanding. Your expertise, information and strategies were excellent and really appreciated; staff feel more able to cope with issues when they arise as a result of your session".

Denise Slater, Manager and Therapeutic Mentor, CHAT Youth Counselling, Oundle "The conference on Friday was amazing. Great speakers which I understand always happens. A very good and useful day, thank you again".

Rushden Primary Academy "Just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday's TARGET workshop. Both pupils and staff said it was amazing and that they have really benefited from their sessions".

Guilsborough Academy "The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Excellent sessions, really informative and interactive, which is the most important feedback from a student point of view. Thank you very much for the support that you have given us on life skills day".

Northampton International Academy "I just wanted to let you know that X has come out of their counselling session with you today beaming saying how nice you were and how awesome the session was. Their words were ‘it was insane, she just understood!’ They have said they are going to use some the techniques you discussed and they can’t wait for the session again next week so whilst I know it’s your job, I just wanted to say an extra massive thank you. (Y saw me to tell me how much they are enjoying their sessions too!)".

David Loyd-Hearn, Commissioning Transformation Manager, Northamptonshire Clinical Commissioning Groups "Dear colleagues, Many thanks for this newsletter, the timing is perfect as during the darker days of winter, it reminds us of all the great work going on out there. Thank you to the whole team for everything you are doing and keep working the magic".

Oakgrove School, Milton Keynes "I have often said that if we keep referring everyone to you you’ll not be able to cope but as you know schools want to offer parents and students any support they can.  It just goes to show what a great job you’ve been doing".

Young Person "Thank you for building my confidence and positivity, and generally supporting me. It will definitely help me in the long-term in getting a career and gaining my independence, and more importantly, being happy. I'll miss talking to you. Best wishes for the future". 

Fiona Woodford, Class Teacher, Exeter School  Corby "Ashworth class had their internet safety lesson which was really informative. We ALL learnt information that we didn't already know. The children were really interested and asked very sensible questions and shared facts about their internet use. It was really important for those children that don't have as much parental support as they should have as they were made aware of  the dangers that are out there! Thank you".


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