Targeting And Reducing Grooming, Exploitation & Trading

of Children and Young People Online



Our TARGET project is supported and funded by

Our TARGET project is a three year Big Lottery funded project (2017-2020) with the aim to challenge the many and increasing dangers to children and young people online, supporting 900+ young people aged 5-18 years old across Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.


Our project beneficiaries will increase their online protective behaviours, improve their wellbeing, increase their transferable knowledge and skills and increase accredited youth volunteering opportunities by entering a partnership with our TARGET team to:

deliver bespoke One-to-One interventions

deliver youth led Online Safety and Protective Behaviour group work programmes and workshops for the community

provide informal and social education, awareness and promotion of Online Sexual Exploitation & Abuse (OSEA)

deliver peer support programmes through our TARGET Champions

provide a youth led ‘Support to Report’ helpline service

aid disclosures of negative online experiences

design and launch a free online safety app

shape our service offer and delivery

undertake further research of this crucial topic;

design and deliver an annual conference to share our learning and celebrate young people’s positive outcomes


The TARGET project provides a ‘Support to Report’ helpline which is operated by TARGET Champions, who are young people to support other young people who are at risk of or have experienced grooming, exploitation or child trafficking, especially online.

Support can also be provided for those who have concerns about others who they feel may be at risk.


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The helpline is contactable via telephone, email, Facebook and Whatsapp messenger.

The helpline currently operates Mondays and Fridays, 4.30pm – 8pm:


07718 003219



Ollie Target


All young people engaged in the project receive on-going training and support to work towards leading the project activities.



CSE is one of the 3 existing national priorities and a (NCA - National Strategic Tasking and Coordination Group)

Main serious and organised threat to the UK & a Major intelligence gap (2015-16 National Crime Agency Control Strategy)

The Police are, ‘Developing understanding of CSE offending activity online (2015-16 National Crime Agency Annual Report)

2012-2016: 26% increase at Service Six cases involving Online Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (OSEA)


Key Initial TARGET Research Findings


Service Six’s TARGET project engaged 1001 young people, 826 of whom were disadvantaged. All resided in Northamptonshire or Leicestershire and were aged between 5 and 25 years of age, with most between 9 and 17 years. 793 young people responded to semi-structured questionnaires and they told us:


51% are regularly contacted online by strangers

36% have received pornography including child

26% have sent pornography

19% have been asked to meet stranger/s

8% have met strangers

0.5% reported to an adult


Furthermore disadvantaged young people are:


8% more likely to receive sexually explicit images or video

6% more likely to send out sexually explicit images or video

23% more likely to send out sexually explicit material willingly

21% less likely to report unwanted stranger contact and or receipt of sexually explicit material to an adult


The initial research has highlighted various con-current themes which have a serious public health impact on young people and need exploring further including:


Addiction to mobile phone use in particular (1000+ average communications per day)

Physical Impairment due to repetitive strain injury and potential reversal of cervical lordosis

Apathy to sexually explicit images, pornography and online criminal activity

Mental Health based on significant indicators of profound loneliness

Disruption to Education due to constant mobile phone use during lessons at schools

Disruption to Cognitive Development and associated long-term negative impact

Absence of Parental Monitoring and associated risk

Inadequate Internet Security at schools, homes and in the community


For further information please contact TARGET Project Manager Hayley Brown:


07923 904334



To make a referral please contact:



01933 277520 / 272746





T:  01933 277520 / 01933 273746


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