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Support Plus
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Support Plus

The Support Plus service particularly suits individuals or families who are; chaotic; unable or unwilling to engage in therapy; or whose needs do not meet our threshold for a therapy pathway

The service matches young people, adults and families with a Youth Specialist who use ‘listening and counselling skills’ to provide enhanced emotional and practical support. The service is delivered on the same basis as Brief Solution Focused Therapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with a directive approach. The service does not have the rigid boundaries required for normal therapy, so sessions can be more flexible in terms of arrangements, length and content whilst still achieving significant outcomes within a small number of solution-focused sessions. As a result, Support Plus is a very cost-effective service for individuals with low level mental health and support needs.

Our Support Plus service brings support out of a clinical setting to engage and support our clients on their terms in non-stigmatised locations. We work hard to prevent disengagement and offer, directly or through supported referrals, a wide range of support that builds resilience, tackles stigma and enhances life skills.

Support Plus can be accessed online, to find out more about this project please contact



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Support Plus

Offering a non-stigmatised, welcoming service that see and hear young people where they want and when they need it.