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Service Six provide counselling and support services for children, young people and adults living in East Northamptonshire whose needs range from presenting  low levels of need  to complex problems and experiencing issues and difficulties in their lives, particularly with regards to; emotional, wellbeing and mental health issues; unhealthy relationships, interpersonal violence and family breakdown; equalities and human rights.


If clients safety or wellbeing is at risk and immediate response required and if significant delay in providing intervention will exacerbate the situation, interim support can be available to stabilize the situation. This applies for clients who are at risk of harm to themselves or others (Suicidal thoughts), who have high level of carer/family stress jeopardizing their care/safety at home (family breakdown, CYP LAC complex cases), who feel unsafe or vulnerable for any reason (elder abuse or domestic violence).


Our interventions are based on an adaptable, flexible and responsive service model where identified needs are matched with services on a case by case model to ensure a bespoke intervention programme is being offered to better address and meet the needs of our beneficiaries.


This will include the following services which are provided for all self-referred or referred Children, Young People, Adults and Families aged 5+ years within East Northamptonshire:

Professional Play Therapy services for children aged 5-9 years

Professional Therapeutic Counselling service for young people aged 10+ years and adults

Professional Family Therapy service;

Professional CYP IAPT inform service

Support Plus service for young people aged 10+ years and adults

Needs Led service for children and young people aged 5+ years; bespoke and flexible individual intervention programme to meet the needs of the needs of hard to reach, disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people to improved wellbeing, effective coping strategies and reducing their harming behaviours

Support and/or Therapeutic Group Work programmes for young people and adults where the need for general support with regards to specific targeted themes and peer support is being identified.

Mobile Drop-in and Outreach services

Range of generic support and advocacy services for young people, adults and families



Counselling and support offers a safe space to talk about issues that are troubling you.  As a general rule the counsellor will not share what is said in counselling or support sessions with anyone else.  However there are certain circumstances when confidentiality may need to be broken, this includes any serious crime,  threatened act of terrorism or drug trafficking.  Confidentiality may also be broken if the counsellor or support worker is concerned that you might harm yourself (including suicidal intent) or someone else or, if you are at risk of being harmed by someone else. This does not happen often and the counsellor will make every effort to talk things through with you.   Counsellors or support workers keep notes on each client.  These are brief, respectful and stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Please ask your counsellor or support worker about confidentiality if you have any questions.




For general, referral and appointment enquiries please contact:




01933 277520 / 272746



07780 998905


If you would like to find out more information on Support Plus or Counselling please use the links below


Support Plus








T:  01933 277520 / 01933 273746


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