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Changing Lives | Creating Futures
StreetWise Raunds
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StreetWise Raunds

StreetWise reaches out to and engages with the hardest to reach children and young people on the streets and in communities, using our existing relationships with local schools in collaboration with local PCSOs, Housing Officers and community groups alongside a period of detached outreach sessions to maximise our opportunities to meaningfully engage with young people and promote the benefits of participating in our positive activities. 

The StreetWise project is currently being delivered in Raunds, funded by Raunds Town Council.

StreetWise is participants and needs led, using a solution focused approach. The team works intensively with targeted groups of children and young people to support them in developing behaviour for learning and tackling issues in areas of their lives which may prompt negative behaviour. We address those issues impacting negatively on the young people’s behaviour to enable them to consequently demonstrate ‘positive behaviour for learning and achieving’, improve their attitudes and contributions to their families and communities.

Co-production processes are used to consult with young people on issues affecting them and their communities and share the results of the consultations with stakeholders, community groups, commissioners and decision makers to guide what does and does not work, so that future service provision can be efficiently funded to maximise benefit and the uptake of young people into the activities.

StreetWise includes confidence and skill-building activities for children and young people, including other issues which might arise during the engagement with them to develop alternative coping strategies and understanding of their behaviour and its consequences.  

Outcomes for young people include:

  • Improved Behaviour and reduced involvement in Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), gangs, drugs, violence and associated crime/low level offending incidents
  • Increased awareness of impact of offending behaviour on victims, families and communities 
  • Reduced engagement in Grooming and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
  • Empower children and young people to make well informed choices to reduce the risk of harm from gang activity, ASB and low level crime and to manage testing situations positively
  • Improved wellbeing within young people’s physical, mental health and happiness
  • Increased access to specialist support services if required, such as therapy and support (education/training/employment)
  • Increased volunteering opportunities and activities, achieving national accredited youth volunteering awards

 Outcomes for neighbourhood’s sustainability will include:

  • Increased engagement in positive and safe activities
  • Increased aspirations, community resilience and health & wellbeing
  • Break the cycle of generational perpetrators who follow in the footsteps of offending families – taking a generation out of crime
  • Increased perception that their neighbourhood is a great place to live (Customers feel part of a community, develop a sense of belonging to somewhere, and feel proud to be there)

In August 2018 we were pleased to announce that the judges of the Brian Griffiths Award have chosen our StreetWise project in Pineham as the runner up of the Community group/person Award 2018. This award is in memory of the late Brian Griffiths, a former Orbit Board member and supports people to further develop their aspiration, inspiration and achievement.

For more information about StreetWise please contact The Service Hub team on

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Interested in setting up a StreetWise project in your local area?

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