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Sister Sister

Sister Sister

Sister Sister is an amazing way for girls and young women to gain support if you are struggling with your mental health, if you have witnessed or experienced violence, or if you are homeless or in insecure housing.

Sister Sister offers group work, 1-2-1 wellbeing support and Drop-in sessions where girls can meet other girls with simialr experiences to themselves. 

The group sessions are a very safe place for you to be honest and express your difficulties and challenges that you face. Our Sister Sister Youth Specialists are all female, they do not judge and they are listening and understanding. They will offer support and guidance in a creative and engaging way. The average intervention program runs over 6 sessions. These are some of the issue you can explore: Anxiety, Self-esteem and Confidence, Healthy Relationships and Protective Behaviour amongst many other needs that may arise.

Our team have vast experience and knowledge to teach you skills and coping techniques and to help you deal with situations as and when they arise. Mainly you will understand that you are not alone or on your own and that other young women have the same feelings as you.

If you are attending a group but you need further support, we can offer you individual tailored 1-2-1 wellbeing support.

If you are interested in joining the Sister Sister project, please ask for information at your jobcentre, school or college. You can also contact Service Six for more information. Sister Sister can organise a Drop-in session for you, so you can see how approachable and friendly the team are. You can learn more about the sessions and feel comfortable about joining a group. You can also tell your female friends!

The young women who have engaged with the Sister Sister project have found it extremely helpful. They have also said how safe they felt. Their friendships are stronger and their self-esteem is good, experiencing increased confidence and considerably reduced anxiety levels.

Also through joining a Sister Sister group, some members have gone on to be Peer Supporters. This means they are now supporting other young women within their communities.

If you are aged 14 -24 and live in Milton Keynes click here to find out more about Sister Sister MK.

The Northamptonshire Sister Sister project is jointly delivered with our colleagues from Youthworks Northamptonshire and Youth Access.

To find out more about Sister Sister email or telephone 01933 277520


Sister Sister

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Sister Sister

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