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Rose of Northamptonshire Award
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Rose of Northamptonshire Award

The hard work and dedication of the Service Six team during the Covid-19 pandemic has been recognised through a new initiative launched by The Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire, The High Sheriff of Northamptonshire and Northamptonshire County Council.

Through the ‘Unsung Heroes of Northamptonshire’ initiative members of the public were invited and encouraged to nominate individuals or organisations whom they thought deserve recognition. Nominees who fulfilled the criteria have been presented with a ‘Rose of Northamptonshire Award’ in recognition of their contribution on behalf of the people of Northamptonshire. 

Service Six has been awarded a ‘Rose of Northamptonshire Award’ in recognition of the hard work and determination shown by staff when faced with the unprecedented threat from the Coronavirus outbreak – helping keep communities together and those most at risk safe. 

During the pandemic the number of children and young people needing support for mental health issues increased dramatically and the team at Service Six responded by providing counselling and therapy sessions in new and innovative ways including by telephone, WhatsApp and via zoom video conferencing. 

Service Six CEO Claudia Slabon said, “Thank you to everyone who nominated us and believe in the work we do. We are humbled, delighted and speechless” she also said, “I would also like to say a huge thank you also to our wonderful Service Six team who showed great dedication and adaptability - we could not have gone through this without you”.

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