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Kidz & Youth on the Mews!
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Kidz & Youth on the Mews!

Come along to Kidz or Youth on the Mews where we are organising some great fun activities for children and young people to get involved with. Young people attending will have the opportunity to shape the sessions and share ideas about activities they would like to see organised for them to take part in.

Here of just some of the activities we have in store:

Kidz on the Mews, activities will include, board games, circle time activities e.g. emotional wellbeing check in, active games, snacks (fruit and juice), creative activities e.g. painting and chats about key topics affecting children e.g. internet safety.

Youth on the Mews, activities will include, board games, checking in/sharing news, ice breaker games, snacks and drinks, a creative activity and discussions around key topics affecting young people e.g. exam pressure.

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Click here to find out more about Kids & Youth on the Mews