Aspiring To A Better Future



Wellingborough School Inclusion Project

An Early Intervention Programme to support students who are experiencing emerging problems which is having a significant impact on their achievements of expected outcomes and are likely to require more targeted support.



Northamptonshire County Council and the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner working within a joint commissioning arrangement with Sir Christopher Hatton Academy, Weavers Academy and Wrenn Academy to commission a multi-agency collaboration as part of the Wellingborough Safer Stronger Neighbourhood Partnership to support vulnerable learners who are at risk of permanent exclusion or displaying challenging behaviour within school.



The team will work intensively with a small group of students to support them in developing behaviour for learning and tackling issues in areas of their lives which may prompt negative behaviour. We will address those issues impacting negatively on the student’s behaviour to enable them to consequently demonstrate ‘behaviour for learning’.

A programme will run over 8-10 weeks with a strong focus on presenting group and individual issues/needs, including:


Danger of drugs

CSE (including online)



Healthy relationships

Barriers to Learning


Crime & Law


The team will also work with students on an individual basis within the school to address their individual needs and to reflect on the previous group day, their performance and engagement with the programme as well as within school

This will ensure programme is embed within schools which will lead to more robust communication and feedback with schools & delivery partners and achieve a joint approach


Aims & Values of Programme


Responsibility - for behaviour, decision-making and development within school

Respect - Giving and receiving

Discipline - Focus, concentration, self-control

These values will drive the practice of staff and the delivery of the programme in order to achieve the aims.



Students will make better decisions and choices (SMART decisions)

Students will keep away from gangs

Students will be aware who to contact for advice or additional support

Students will have enhanced/improved school attendance/attainment


Student Identification & Assessment

Students will be identified and selected by each school in partnership with Wellingborough Police and Service Six.

Each student, attending one of the above named schools is displaying the most challenging behaviour which places him or her at significant risk of imminent permanent exclusion.

As part of a risk assessment Wellingborough Police will be screening students who have been identified through various systems, including Social Care, ECINs, Early Help and Youth Offending.

Once the screening process has been completed our colleagues from Wellingborough Police and Service Six will be visiting each student and their parents to assess their suitability and motivation to engage and actively participate within the programme, prepare them for the programme and to obtain all relevant consent and permission signatures as part of the compliance process.

Coherent selection process of individual students based on

willingness to change,

ability to work in a group,

presenting issues in relation how students will form a group and

individual needs

During this process a Strength & Difficulties Questionnaire will be completed with the student, parent and teacher as part of a formal initial assessment. This will enable us to capture a before and after snap shot from the point of the student, parent and professional which we will compare at the end of the programme and again 3 months in the future.


Delivery Partners – The Team

The ‘Aspiring to a Better Future’ programme is delivered by Service Six and Wellingborough Police. Guest speakers will be invited for specific topics identified during the programme and based on the young people’s needs.

All members of the delivery team are EDBs checked, suitably qualified and experienced in working with vulnerable children and young people who display challenging behaviour which places them at risk of fixed term and permanent exclusion from school. The team has an excellent understanding of factors impinging on attitude to learning and how students can be supported to overcome these and will be providing innovative interventions that lead to a proven reduction in the severity and volume of incidents of challenging behaviour.


For further information please contact:

Emma Campion, Operations Manager



01933 277520








T:  01933 277520 / 01933 273746


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