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Antisocial Behaviour
Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)
“behaviour by a person which causes,
or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to
people not of the same household”
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Antisocial Behaviour

Young people are invariably seen as the main perpetrators of ASB although evidence suggests that young people are as likely –if not more likely - to be the victims of ASB than other groups.

In the Midlands region, recent studies have identified 32 different types of ASB. These categories include, verbal abuse, dog fouling, fly tipping, littering, street drinking, hoax calls, prostitution and even nuisance caused by industry.

There was one common category in this area and that was noise nuisance, caused by rowdy behaviour, nuisance behaviour or intimidation. Only 52% of these cases were caused by young people.

So there is a problem with young people causing ASB but please don’t assume that it is just youths in hoodies that are responsible.

Young people naturally like to gather in groups at night because it makes them feel more secure. Such gatherings can be interpreted as intimidating and can lead onto committing certain types of low level ASB behaviour.

The key to successfully dealing with ASB in an area is to research the causes and get to the bottom of why it is happening. At Service Six we are often commissioned to go out into high ASB areas and actually consult with the young people on the streets. We find it helpful to talk to the young people and together come up with positive solutions to combat or lower ASB in their community.

Service Six’s Streetwise; is an award winning project, reaching out and engaging with the most hard to reach children and young people, on the streets and in the community. We provide positive and meaningful activities to support young people in developing behaviour for learning and tackling issues in areas of their lives that may prompt negative behaviour.

Service Six also provide a wide range of free, regular and seasonal positive activity programs, including Kidz Club, Youth Clubs and FISH (Fun In The School Holidays).

Please contact us to see what’s going on in your area, at the moment: For our Service Hub Team call 01933 277520 or email enquiries to

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Anti Social Behaviour (ABS)

You can contact your local council to talk about ASB in your local community