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Changing Lives | Creating Futures
2021 Art Competition and Exhibition
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2021 Art Competition and Exhibition

Why not entre the “2021 Art Competition and Exhibition” that is being supported by The High Sheriff of Northamptonshire with help from The Lowdown, Service Six, University of Northampton, Faraway Children’s Charity, The Crysalys Foundation, Peak Empower and KidsAid.

The competition runs from 26th July to 29th October 2021 and all artwork submitted will be displayed at the University of Northampton. To help create your artwork there are workshops, online videos and free art packs plus a range of exciting prizes to be won.

Our first workshops are for young people aged 10-14 , and will take place at the Service Six Community Centre Sassoon Close, Wellingborough, on the following dates and times: 

Tuesday 10th August 10.00-13.00

Thursday 12th August 13.00-16.00 

Workshops will last for 3 hours, but young people attending do not need to stay for the whole 3 hours if they don't wish to. All art materials will be provided.

For more details click here to download a leaflet.

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The future through your eyes

Sponsored by The University of Northampton, The Northampton Community Foundation and Faraway Children’s Charity